Washington Crossing Honor Guard

You served with honor once. Serve with honor again.

Burial Military Honor Team The Washington Crossing Honor Guard Detail assists the Military Services with Military Funeral Honors. The Board of Directors created the Washington Crossing Honor Guard Detail to conform to the U.S. Army requirements governing ceremonial rifle salutes during Military Funeral Honors.

Military Funeral Honors involve the playing of Taps and the folding and presenting of the U.S. Flag to the next of kin. The Guardians of the National Cemetery volunteers provide the additional honor of firing the rifle salute volleys that precede Taps. We recruit, train, and schedule these volunteers. We recruit volunteers from all Veterans Service Organizations as well as honorably discharged veterans willing to serve who may not be affiiliated with an organization.

Pennsylvania National Guard The Flag Presentation to the next-of-kin is normally done by members of the deceased veteran's Military Service Organization Honor Team. And in case there is ever a need, the Washington Crossing Honor Guard Detail members are fully trained in the complete Military Funeral Honors Ceremony.

The Washington Crossing Honor Guard Detail serving at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery wear our standard uniform. Veterans Service Organizations may be able to participate as an Honor Guard Team in their own uniforms as may other organizations, including Boy Scouts, fraternal organizations, and police force Honor Guard Teams. We invite Buglers to join the Guardians of the National Cemetery to add to the ceremony's impact and to comply with the legislative mandate: "Whenever possible, a live bugler will be used for all Honors services."

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