Guardians of the National Cemetery Volunteers


Our sole mission as official support committee for the Washington Crossing National Cemetery is to honor the veterans of the Armed Services of the United States of America and provide for the honorable funeral service and burial of eligible veterans. Our purpose is to honor our departed comrades and to promote National Shrine status for the Cemetery.

As a volunteer organization, the Guardians of the National Cemetery has a broad array of volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to make a commitment and get involved in our programs to honor our comrades in arms laid to rest at Washington Crossing National Cemetery.

Individuals who wish to serve on the Ceremonial Rifle Squad with the WASHINGTON CROSSING HONOR GUARD are required to be honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Military Services.

Other opportunities are available to non-veterans.

Volunteer Service Opportunities:

  • Washington Crossing Honor Guard Detail - Military Funeral Honors at every veteran interment, providing a supplementary Ceremonial Rifle Squad salute at each veteran's interment service to enhance the Military Funeral Honors provided by the Military Services. Only Honorably discharged veterans serve with the Rifle Squad; however, support functions, such as Bugler, Driver, etc, can be non-veterans.
  • Beautification Program - Volunteer Services at the Cemetery to beautify the grounds through aesthetic horticulture and amenities placement.
  • Avenue of Flags - comprised of the U.S. Flags donated by the families of veterans who received the Burial Flag at the funeral service for their loved one.
  • Memorial Day Observance - Parade and Military Honors rendered
  • Veterans Day Observance - Parade and Military Honors rendered
  • Monuments and Memorial Program - Development of special memorials, stone monuments, park benches on Cemetery grounds
  • Public Awareness Program - Community outreach programs to raise awareness of the Cemetery Mission and the history of veterans and the Military Services
  • Maintenance Program - servicing nearby Revolutionary War Gravesites
  • Development and Staffing - Headquarters and Museum Building Complex
  • Fund Raising Programs - Raise funds for Guardians of the National Cemetery programs, such as scholarships
  • Periodic Social Events - Receptions, Dinners, etc.
  • Family Escort Service - Provide escorts for families, when requested
  • Education Programs - involving schools and the general public
If you would like to volunteer, please click here for our GUARDIANS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and indicate your area of interest.

If you are not sure but would like to talk to someone about our mission and the rewards of being a volunteer, please click HERE and one of our committee members will contact you.