The original Gold Star Families Memorial Monument was designed by Medal of Honor recipient Marine Woody Williams and dedicated in his home state of West Virginia in 2013. His foundation oversees the construction and installation of the Gold Star Families Memorials, with coordination from local board members.

The monument at Washington Crossing National Cemetery was dedicated in June 2018. It is the very first such Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in a National Veteran’s Cemetery and it was funded entirely by private donations. No government funding was provided.

This memorial is meant as a tribute to those military men and women who died in service to our nation and to their loved ones who have carried and continue to carry that loss for the rest of their lives.

The silhouette saluting the flag represents that service member who paid that ultimate sacrifice. The panels on the back depict other scenes that remind us of FAMILY, (Molly Pitcher was one of the very first Gold star spouses), PATRIOTISM and the continuing need for prayer, (Washington’s Prayer) and SACRIFICE, (Iwo Jima —– freedom isn’t free).

The previous sentences describe the physical parts of the monument which are easy to see and yes, there are other monuments that look very much like ours.

This memorial, this tribute is so much more than four big beautiful blocks of granite with a Gold Star, nice pictures and some words.

This tribute represents our prayers for all Gold Star family members and for the loved ones they’ve lost. It is our way of saying you are not alone and you will never be alone. Many of us will always honor their sacrifice.

It is our way to give that hug or reassuring shoulder to cry on and remind those Gold Star family members that many grateful Americans care.