Imagine if you will a veteran passing away and there is no one to call.  No one to grieve, no one to receive the flag the veteran earned.

All Veterans should receive their recognition for serving our country.  Many enlisted while others drafted. In ether case they made the selfless decision to serve us and our country.  Is it too much to say thank you and we understand their sacrifice.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is required, by law, to ensure deceased veterans
without a next of kin received “dignified burials.”  but a  burial without an attendance is not dignified.

A recent article that was written by Mr. Paul Muschick of the Morning Call articulates the importance of being witness to the Unattended Services that takes place the last Thursday of each month.

They sacrificed by serving, is it too much for us to be present for their final journey home?  Below is the article link written by Paul Muschick and it’s worth looking at.