The Guardians of the National Cemetery recently participated in a deeply patriotic ceremony at Washington Crossing National Cemetery, paying tribute to the soldiers of the Revolutionary War who gave their lives for our nation’s freedom. These soldiers, though their remains are unidentified, are honored and remembered for their sacrifice and bravery.

The event was a poignant reminder that the courage and dedication of these early American heroes are neither forgotten nor overlooked. The Guardians, including a team of eight riflemen, performed a solemn salute to honor the fallen soldiers. The ceremony served as a powerful testament to the enduring respect and gratitude that we hold for those who fought for the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Memorial Day Program Details

  • Event: Memorial Day Program
  • Location: Washington Crossing Historic Park, Washington Crossing, PA
  • Date: Sunday, May 26, 2024
  • Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Distinguished Guests

  • Major General (Ret.) Wesley E. Craig, US Army
  • Bugler Tim Ghebeles
  • Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

A Salute to Heroes

The ceremony featured a heartfelt tribute to these unknown soldiers, ensuring that their contributions to our nation’s independence are remembered and celebrated. The Guardians’ rifle salute echoed through the cemetery, a symbolic gesture of respect and recognition for the sacrifices made during the Revolutionary War.

Reflecting on History

Washington Crossing National Cemetery, a site steeped in historical significance, provided a fitting backdrop for this event. The ceremony not only honored the memory of those who fought but also connected the past to the present, reminding us of the ongoing importance of recognizing and appreciating the sacrifices made by our military personnel throughout history.

Gratitude and Remembrance

The Guardians of the National Cemetery continue to uphold their mission of honoring and remembering all veterans, known and unknown. Their participation in this event underscores the importance of remembering our history and the individuals who have shaped it through their service and sacrifice.

Join us in reflecting on the legacy of these Revolutionary War soldiers and expressing our deepest gratitude for their contributions to our nation’s freedom. Their bravery and dedication will forever be a part of our American heritage.